Things you are Bitterly Sick Of (Besides my Blog)

Ben's Bitter Blog

Iโ€™m sure some people are going to claim they had a good holiday and they got everything they wanted and did everything they wanted and got along so well with their families or had some good time away.ย  But as you know, being bitter is about thinking about things in a whole different way than the normal optimist.ย  So, I imagine that there was something you didnโ€™t get, or just one or two family members you didnโ€™t get along with or the fire was turned up to high and you had to take off your ugly Christmas sweater or like me you got a little sickโ€ฆsick of food, sick of relatives, sick of Christmas lights or decorations, or cleaning up stuff.ย  If you seriously donโ€™t have anything to be bitter about, Iโ€™m always bitter to offer new suggestions.ย  Here is yet another reason for you to bitter.ย  Another Sunday TBBBPS#โ€ฆ

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