Day 13

- Rosie's journey -

R was back at work today and I had the day off with the bunnies. My chores of the day included:

1. Getting Rosie’s daily dose of Lettuce (her fav).

2. Get Rosie some other veg (carrots today).

3. Get some more hay for the bunnies.

4. Put together some IKEA furniture.

Well Rosie has enjoyed her lettuce and has had some carrot. Her favourite has to be lettuce for sure – consuming it an alarming rate.

Then, putting together the IKEA furniture and deterring Rosie from chewing up the box and bits that came with it. Why do bunnies love the cardboard so much? She was literally just taking it off of me.

The Kits are opening their eyes – the spotted black and white bunnies don’t seem to have opened their eyes just yet. However, it may be hard to tell as they have black spots around their…

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