Making hair & attaching eyes for the Wawa Doll

Kawaii Cuteness

I’ve had more than a few enquiries on how to make the hair using the alternative method as suggested in my pattern. So here is the way i did the hair for Kara the Wawa Doll.


1. Wind yarn around a piece of card. Use a short card for short hair and long card for long hair. I used two cards: short one for the fringe and long one for the main hair. Ensure that the yarn is wound nicely (try to line them up next to each other and then wind another layer over the firat one).
2. Use sewing thread and backstitch the yarn on one end of the card.
3. Snip off the yarn at the other end of the card.
4. Place the fringe on the head. Position it properly before using backstitch to sew it in place.
5. Sew another row of backstitch along…

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