Dog poop bag dispenser success?

The Hedon Blog

DOG WALKERS along Love Lane, Hedon may have seen – or even used – the dog poop bag dispenser located at the top of the lane? The dispenser system has been piloted by Hedon Town Council in efforts to reduce dog fouling incidents in an area considered a ‘hot spot’ for the problem.

Hedon pilot - poop scoop bag dispenser Hedon pilot – poop scoop bag dispenser

The dispenser holds packs of strong, durable and degradable ‘dog gloves’ which are specially designed for the task. And whilst responsible dog owners always take collecting their dog’s mess seriously, there are occasions when the lack of a poop bag leads to the mess being left.

Poop scoop bag dispenser JRB EnterpriseCouncillor David Thompson, himself a dog walker, has promoted the system and says that a visual study of the area since the dispenser was installed has shown an improved situation along Love Lane. He is so impressed with the results that he has suggested the pilot…

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