Ollie and his ears


Unfortunately for them, Shar-Pei dogs have a lot of problems. If it is not their eyes, then it is their skin, or both. If none of these, you can be sure that ear trouble will arrive one day. They have tiny ear-flaps, and much of the inside of the ear is exposed as a consequence. Not unlike us humans in some respects, though of course they cannot wash them, poke fingers into them, or clean them out properly. They also run through undergrowth, rub their heads in grass, and jump into muddy ponds and streams, none of which is conducive to good ear health. As a considerate owner, you have to check their ears on a regular basis, and be prepared to clean out the unpleasant residue that sometimes builds up. When all else fails, a trip to the Vet normally results in a prescription of medicinal ear drops.


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