Va. group saves dogs from slaughter in S. Korea

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CNN) – Close to two-dozen dogs from South Korea are getting a second chance at life in the United States. They were rescued from slaughter by an animal rights group.

For dogs on a rural South Korean meat farm, the human touch was foreign until workers for Humane Society International came to the rescue.

The animal rescue organization brokered a deal with the farm’s owner to stop raising canines for food in exchange for money.

The expensive delicacy prompts the slaughter of an estimated 2.5 million dogs in that country per year.

A 17-hour plane ride away, Megan Webb is waiting anxiously for the 23 dogs they rescued, including 12 puppies to arrive.

“Really, these dogs are serving as ambassadors. There are a lot of other dogs,” Webb said.

But even she knows, despite defying so many odds, their battle for a normal life is just…

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