Bunny Business – Day 8


Today wasn’t a good one for Hopscotch and Pippin’s little kits, unfortunately during the night one of the kits managed to leave the nest and got out through the bars of the hutch. I found him this morning very cold and stiff beside the hutch. I tried to save him by warming him up. Over the last week I’ve watched many videos of baby bunnies being brought back to life so tried the different techniques (warm water, hot water bottle, hair drier) I had seen but unfortunately I found him too late. It’s even worse because throughout the night I kept feeling a need to go out and check on them but obviously felt I was being silly, they were in the safest place possible – or so I thought.

I have moved Hopscotch and the 3 remaining kits into the new hutch, where there is job chance of them…

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