Stupid Bunny Butts


This weekend, I decided to purchase a beautiful new Ikea bedframe.  After it was assembled, there was some serious time spent lounging in the bed with the bunnies.  They definitely enjoy laying on the comfy bed, although I’m not sure they enjoyed the new height of it!


They were having a great time, and right before we decided to put them back in the cage, Curious started chasing Stormy around.  She was not enjoying it since she is normally the dominant one and does not enjoy him trying to take the lead.  She was making some serious grunt/squeaks about it as they ran around in circles.  As soon as they calmed down, we went to put them back in the cage and guess who pee’d while running around grump? Stormy! Silly, grumpy bunny.  She really hates it when Curious tries to “dominate” her. Suffice to say, she made us wash…

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