2014 Favorites Part Two: Random and Silly

Welcome to the second half of my 2014 favorites.

This section is all about the non-cosmetic things. Most of them are pretty silly and random.
Plus, bonus chinchilla footage!

The video was filmed in two different locations because I added on to the original video that was split off from the first favorites video. We’ve been cleaning up and reorganizing our office so that I can film in there. I got a spiffy new desk and everything! So I won’t have to tack curtains to my bedroom ceiling anymore or sit on the floor.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and all the silliness that went into it.

Products mentioned:

Earth Therapeutics eye pillow – available at Ulta
Talking Pikachu – mine came from eBay, though other pikachu toys can be found at toys’r’us or amazon
Squishable Chinchilla: http://goo.gl/hy6oWj
Sims2 Super Collection: http://goo.gl/p0FxxZ
Never-ending Story Kindle Cover: http://goo.gl/ytgiWl


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