Cold Weather Pet Care

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GPig in scarf

Just like us, the colder months can be a challenge the health and well-being of our pets. Most animals will bound through the chillier months in full health, but we need to be mindful that changes in temperatures and shorter days can have a real impact on the health and happiness of some of our family pets, especially the smaller or more frail ones.

Pets kept outdoors

If you have rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets that are kept outside in the garden, make sure you keep a close eye on them during the colder months. It is important to ensure that you are providing enough bedding for warmth and that they are in a secure and waterproof environment.

  • Your pets will need a warm bed, so provide extra bedding and a thicker layer of the litter you usually use for the floor. Newspaper can also be used to line the floors underneath…

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