Snow Queen 2. The movie

Life as I know it

I’m not a huge fan of Russian amination, but lately, with my two years old son, I’ve seen plenty of actually good Russian animated movies. Mostly tv series though. But their good quality and also the fact that Snow Queen 2 got great reviews even in States, gave me the idea that this movie may be good too.

First of all, the reacton of my son, who enjoyed at cinema such films like Thor and Hunger Games, was anything but good. After 20 minutes of watching he already said – let’s get out of here. But it took us another 20 minutes to realize that we have nothing to see here and here’s why.

No question, quality of the animation itself is great, haven’t I known that the movie is Russian I might have confused it with Disney features.
But without proper story there’s no use of animation. And in…

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