Day 234, 235 and 236 of 365

The Traveling Gypsy 365

Bunnies. Who doesn’t love bunnies?! These little guys are too cute. They hang out in a hutch next to a little bird aviary, located in the entrance to a hotel/apartment complex. It’s quirky and cute and very inviting.

Bunny hutch.

(January 20, 2015, Myrtle Beach, SC)

Ricky and I had taken up running a few years ago. (I made the mistake of bringing up wanting to do a half marathon in front of a Vice President of a charity who does them all them time.) I had never run before that and it was a wonderful accomplishment. My sister-in-law was a bit a runner, too. Our bodies respond to running and yoga so well. We decided to get back to it and make it officially part of our lives again.

Running partners.

(January 21, 2015, Myrtle Beach, SC)

We went for a walk and strolled down a pier. It was…

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