Mistress of Spiders

That Lazy Crazy Lady Hazy

An Unfinished, Very Loose Digital Illustration

Done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0

Wallpaper textures are from Lost and Taken

Those who know me well know I tend to accumulate unfinished personal projects. :<

This was supposed to be an entry for a contest held by the Popovy Sisters. However, life got in the way as usual.

I thought at first that I’d like to finish her anyway. But I opened her again today and decided that she must remain forever unfinished. Mostly because I’m not quite happy with her anymore and I’d rather start on something new. However, I did learn a whole, whole lot while making her so I thought she was worth posting. 🙂

She didn’t have proper arms until today, so they look really, really loose because I just added them in to make her look presentable and, well, not arm-less. 😛

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