Rabbit Season


rabbitstudiesI just finished the book Watership Down, and I now have an entirely different outlook on those fluffy little things called rabbits. Formerly, they were merely cute little animals I wanted to hug – now I see storytellers, soldiers, prophets, inventors, chieftains, folk heroes. Still cute. Still want to hug them. But I’ve got respect for them. I also have casually memorized a list of Lapine words that I can guarantee will never be useful to me – but you can bet every time I see a tractor I will be calling it a hrududu in my head.

So in my warmups, I’ve been sketching the little guys. I love studying animals, so it was a good excuse to burrow into the particulars like coat coloration and muscle anatomy. See what I did there? I used the word ‘burrow’ because I was talking about rabbits. You can’t see it but…

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