Bio: Is currently studying social care. Is a fully qualified beautition and masseuse. Likes power walking, reading, tv, swimming, animals and music.

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  2. hey … ! Gem … i can’t figure out what this is all about … are you looking for and finding fascinating creative objects and people who make them then spotlight them on your blogsite …. or what? i’m intrigued … i love what i see … i’m fascinated with this ‘genre’ you feature … but i can’t put a name to it … ‘baby surrealism”. ks

      • i understand .,.. i went back and looked
        more … let’s see …. you are a fast reader with
        great taste … an eye for the
        unique and beautiful and you like to
        share your proclivity
        with others to see and enjoy … and MAYBE
        even some enlightenment may result
        among the masses who live in their world of
        bubbles …wull … you serve
        people bringing them beauty BUT you get to
        assuage your OWN need to find
        beauty and enjoy it almost as it it’s a
        drug … which ART is! you are the super ego of the
        creative world filtering out the mundane and
        ugly … the sophomoric bullshit that
        surrounds us … and it’s just really great to
        realize that you shared my piece with others .,.. thank you for the
        compliment … ks

  3. Hey Gem,
    Thanks for the reblog on Edward of Argyle, and thanks for following at Lemon’s Tree. I hope you find more things there that you fancy.

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